Metals, many operations possible!

Over the years we have produced many kinds of products
for various customers at home and abroad. Each with its
own requirements, in terms of material selection, processing,
finish and/or packaging.

Material selection
Aluminum, Stainless steel, Steel, Brass, Copper

Machining, Milling/Lathe work, Drilling, Tapping
Laser cutting, Plate material and 3D tube laser
Deforming, Bending, Setting, Edging, Deep Drawing, Punching/Die Cutting
Welding, MIG/MAG gas welding, TIG (Tungsten) inert gas welding, Autogenous welding
Finishing, Spray, Chrome-Plating, Anodizing


We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities using
a drawing or an existing product. With this information we will
then be able to determine which producer we are going to
approach for your project.

For some examples of already completed projects refer to the
right-hand drop-down window, under the heading development.